In two volumes, the Matheson Saga by J. Ardian Lee. The story begins with Son of the Sword, then volume two includes all three sequels: Outlaw Sword; Sword of King James; Sword of the White Rose.


Volume 1

Son of the Sword

“Ancient sword of my people, bring me a hero to save from tyranny the sons and daughters of this land. Let a Matheson lay hands on you and become that hero…”

So speaks the faerie Sinann as she musters what is left of her powers in a desperate attempt to save her beloved homeland. In 1713, Scotland’s Jacobite rebels face their darkest hour. They need new blood, a new leader to help them fight British oppression. And they are about to get one…

Dylan Matheson is an ordinary guy with ordinary problems: family, girlfriend—the usual. He likes his life. He’s happy living above the dojo where he teaches martial arts and swordfighting. He has a few close friends who share his interest in things ancient and Scottish. Then one day at a Medieval Faire, he sees a magnificent broadsword. He takes it in hand—and is transported to a time and place he has only read about.

Now Dylan Matheson, ordinary guy, is about to embark upon an extraordinary adventure. Trapped in the past, he will find the sweetness of true love—and the bitterness of betrayal. And it will take all of his skills—plus a bit of magic—just to survive.

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Volume 2

Son of the Sword, The Sequels Omnibus:
Outlaw Sword

In Son of the Sword, J. Ardian Lee transported us to a land of unsurpassed beauty—at a time when its people faced their darkest hour. Now, Dylan Matheson returns to eighteenth-century Scotland—to challenge history itself…

Sinann, send me home…

Home for Dylan Matheson had been twentieth-century America, until the faerie Sinnan drew him back in time to eighteenth-century Scotland to be a hero for her people.

In that time, in that place, he had found—and lost—his true love. And then, to save his life, Sinann had brought him back to his own century.

But life without his Cait and the son she had borne him, a son he had never seen, held no joy for Dylan. So he begs Sinnan to send him once again to the past.

This time, willingly. This time, forever. There, though he is a hunted outlaw, he will find some way to be with Cait, to be a father to his son.

There, to save the boy from the dark fate that awaits him, he will attempt the impossible.

With sword, with magic, with whatever means at his command, Dylan Matheson will try to change the course of history…

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Sword of King James

“I must ken what he has seen and understand his power. Where it lies. How it might be had. I must have it.”

Dylan Matheson, and ordinary man torn out of time by faerie magic, chose to throw in his lot with the world of the past. In the Highlands of eighteenth-century Scotland, he found the love of his life—and lost her to death. Left with their two children, he wants only to live quietly and raise them in peace.

But his days are torn by the strife created by the English troops, who never cease to harass the people. And his nights are tormented by a voice, which whispers to him, tempting him, seeking to turn him to darkness, seeking to control him, body and soul.

The voice is that of an enemy far more dangerous than red-coated soldiers. She is Morrighan, the Celtic Goddess of War. And she wants to claim Dylan as her own.

Now Dylan must fight a war on two fronts. And while his prowess with the sword will prove invaluable to the Jacobite cause, in the struggle with Morrighan he is unarmed.

For she has captured Sinann, his faerie ally. And without her at his side, he is defenseless against the world of magic…

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Sword of the White Rose

“Mind the Sidhe…”

With his last breath, Dylan Matheson, Laird of Ciorram, leaves to his eldest son, Ciaran, a legacy of land and blood—and magic. For the Sidhe of which he speaks is the faerie Sinann, who long ago brought him back in time, from the modern world to eighteenth-century Scotland, hoping for a hero who would save the land from British tyranny.

Now Sinann will protect the son as she had the father. But she no longer believes that the Jacobites can prevail, that the history that Dylan knew can be changed. She urges Ciaran to continue on his father’s path of peace, no matter how uneasy that peace might be.

Ciaran, though, has other ideas. The Highlanders are rising again, and his clan is eager to join the fight. He will let nothing—not the experience of his dead father, nor the counsel of his faerie adviser, nor his unexpected love for Leah Hadley, daughter of the local British Commander—stop him. Ciaran is headed for the dread killing field of Culloden. And even Sinnan’s magic may not be enough to bring him safely home…

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